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Funnel Web Spider Control

Male Sydney Funnel Web Spider

Funnel Web Spiders – Where are they found?

funnel-web-spiderThe Sydney Funnel-Web Spider is a ground dwelling spider commonly found in the northern districts of Sydney, in most of the eastern coastal area of New South Wales, Victoria and in certain areas of South Australia.

Blue Mountains Funnel-Web Spiders are found primarily in the Blue Mountains region.

Northern Tree Funnel-Web Spiders are found in QLD and the upper part of NSW ans as far down as the Hunter Valley.

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Garden Pests & Spider Control Treatment

Maintaining an area that is free of spiders or garden pests can prove to be difficult, there are some precautions that can be taken to avoid spider bites. Do not walk outside your home with no shoes on, especially when its hard to see outside. When working in the garden always wear protection for you feet, pants that covers your whole leg and a pair of thick gloves.

Spiders can enter your home at the ground level, often under a doorway. Fitting weather strips to these gaps or using “draft excluders” can block these entry routes. Fitting fly-screens to your windows and your wall ventilators will help to prevent any climbing pests from getting access. A tidy garden area around your home will help to discourage spiders from burrowing there.

It’s always a good idea to educated your children about spiders and enforce a rule of “look but don’t touch” when encountering spiders. Adults should also observe this rule as a spider’s behaviour is hard to predict. Be respectful, rather than frightful.

Funnel Web Spider Pest Control

Spraying directly onto funnel web spiders with a low-toxic Synthetic Pyrethroid insecticide such as “Bifenthrin” is the best option to get rid of the spider, paying attention to all areas they burrow and other habitats such as under or between rocks, at the base of trees and in garden areas. Performing a “Blanket” spray to entire areas is certainly not recommended, as it will have an affect on non-target species of insects and other garden pests. Only allow a professional licensed pest controller to carry out the work. Stay alert for the next few days as affected funnel webs could “wander” close to your home. Spraying on a regular basis will not give complete 100% control, but it will knock down dangerous numbers.

Funnel-webs in holes close to homes can be attacked individually, by boiling water and pooring down the holes. It is essential to wear protective clothing ie gloves long pants and shoes while doing this, as funnel webs not killed may quickly run out of the burrow hole.

Signs of The Sydney Funnel-web Spider

The funnel-web spider holes will be different from other types of holes that may occur in the ground by this main factor; a few silk “trip-lines” that radiate out of the hole. Their holes are generally located in areas that are shady and moist; shrubs, rockeries, beneath or inside logs and in leafy foliage. The hole is surrounded with a silky web collar that doesn’t extrude more than a centimetre from the opening of a small, neat hole. (NB. The Brown Trapdoor Spider doesn’t actually have a door for the its burrow) Other spider species which are known to live in burrows are mouse spiders, wolf spiders and some insect species.

Female Funnel-web Spider

The female of the Funnel-web species stays inside the burrow for most of her life, and tends not to leave apart from being forced to due to excavating near the burrow, moving rubbish or gardening. In cases of heavy rain the Funnel Web female might also be unearthed due to the burrow flooding. The males leave the burrow in search of females during summer and autumn seasons, this predominantly occurs during the night time. Spiders are often found wandering after periods of intense rain.


If you are living in an area which is known to be populated by Funnel-webs then there are measures you can take to reduce your chance of getting bitten. These spiders often enter properties and houses on ground level, commonly through the gap underneath a door. You can purchase weather strips or draft excluders which block off these gaps and prohibit spider entry. Another measure that reduces the risk of a Funnel-web infestation is making sure that the surrounding of your home is cleared of shrubbery and clutter which discourages them from making burrows here.

The Funnel-webs will seek out shelter inside your home to avoid drying-out. Which means that checking shoes, clothes and bedding which are near the doorway is very important. This also applies to any shoes an clothing that might’ve been left outside or around a camp site in areas where Funnel-webs are often found. Funnel-web spiders are also commonly found inside swimming pools (having fallen in) however, spiders are capable of trapping an air bubble in the hairs surrounding their abdomen which allows them to breathe and float in a swimming pool. Spiders are able to survive up to 30 hours after being submerged so don’t presume that any spider in your pool has drowned.


In some cases a bite from a “mouse spider” or another atrax species develops similar symptoms as a Funnel-web bite. In symptoms persevere and become severe then Funnel-web anti-venom might be utilized by a medial professional.

More info is available from the Australian Museum and the Australian Reptile Park.

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